The NEST Program

Development & Training for National Evangelists

Through on-going ministry training and support of DSEA, our 62 NEST (National Evangelist Support Team) evangelists in 9 countries are reaching millions of people with the Good News of Christ in their communities and beyond. 

The NEST Program

Through the NEST (National Evangelist Support Team) program, DSEA trains people who are gifted and called into evangelism, and helps equip them for full-time ministry by providing support and practical training in field evangelism.

David Stockwell and other DSEA Team Leaders work personally with trainees, mentoring and discipling them in their Christian faith and calling. Through practical training in the field, David teaches the men how to effectively communicate the Gospel with clarity and the power of the Holy Spirit, how to give an effective invitation, how to communicate with young people, and a variety of techniques which help the young evangelist in his ministry.

Training Conferences offer additional support, equipping NEST evangelists with a solid foundation in the Word of God on such issues as A Passion For Souls, Spiritual Warfare, Brokenness, The Work of the Evangelist, and The Pastor’s Heart.

NEST evangelists minister alongside the DSEA team in their countries as often as possible, and report each month on their evangelistic activities to the DSEA office in Texas. NEST Program evangelists become largely responsible for advance set-up, administrative work, discipleship and follow-up required for DSEA's international campaign efforts. 

NEST evangelists receive monthly financial support through DSEA, which helps them with travel and ministry expenses, and helps make sure their families are cared for. The NEST Program also provides, in various locales, practical equipment as needed for ministry such as: portable battery-operated sound systems, microphones, and cords; evangelistic tools such as access to the "Jesus" movie. Other items may include electronics, salvation tracts, Bibles, discipleship materials, clothing and other goods. 

The DSEA NEST evangelist network includes Christian workers in Kenya, Malawi, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the Philippines. DSEA has also been able to help and train others in Brazil, Bangladesh, England, Guatemala, India, Mozambique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Romania, and Ukraine.  Several of these men also travel to other countries near their own, preaching the Gospel, and training others to do the same.


David's Heart

The NEST Program began in David’s heart as a desire to help other young evangelists and ministers with training, support and practical discipleship in the work of field evangelists. As a new believer at the age of seventeen, immediately called to the work of evangelism, David sat under the godly tutelage of mighty men of God such as Freddie Gage, Manley Beasley, Jack Taylor, John Bisagno, and many others.

As a young evangelist, and through many years of evangelistic ministry, David realized the great importance of godly leadership, accountability, prayer support, and the help of people who really understand the heart and gifting of an evangelist. He also experienced first-hand the great difficulties of living the life of the evangelist: traveling, preaching, and trying to provide for his family.

1 Corinthians 9:14 tells us, “ . . . the Lord has commanded that those who preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel.” As David prayed and ministered internationally, he began asking God to bring him in contact with godly, faithful men who were called and committed to full-time evangelism, and who needed help and support.

Those prayers have blossomed into the DSEA NEST Program, through which 62 men in 9 countries around the world are trained, supported, and encouraged in their evangelistic ministries. Many of these men are reaching tens of thousands of people with a clear presentation of the Gospel each month.

Pray with David Stockwell and the DSEA Team, that God will continue to raise up godly, faithful, trustworthy men with the gifting and calling for harvest evangelism. 

NEST Team Photo Gallery

NEST Team Ministry Photo Gallery

Our NEST teams in 9 countries work faithfully to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities and beyond.  Click to view our NEST teams in action and working with us in the field in our Photo Gallery, hosted on Google Photos.

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