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Wednesday, April 08, 2020
Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations

2011 November 02-14: Mission Laguna, Philippines

Date: 1/5/2012 - 1/1/2015
Time: -


God moved in powerful ways despite opposition from the enemy, and our team of Amy and David Stockwell, Steven Stockwell, Paul Vick, and Beka Hawkins had a glorious time on our mission in The Philippines, along with our NEST (National Evangelist Support Team) partners.  Pastors Roland and Gene did a great job as always preparing and organizing for our ministry on the ground.  What a joy to spend time with these great friends, and brothers in the Lord!

As our American and Filipino teams went with purpose and determination into the Laguna region with the Gospel, we were able to reach more than 30,000 people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and His love.  More than 20,000 people prayed the Sinner's Prayer, and publicly declared their commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! 



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